How VALTA Energy Integrated DealRoom With Their Tech Stack to Solve Industry Challenges

I don't know if the documents that made up VALTA would actually be in one place without DealRoom right now. I don't know if you could find all this essential information if you needed to.
Jon Heisler

About the Company

  • VALTA Energy was founded in 2009 and it finances and develops solar projects
  • It owns and operates clean-energy projects in the commercial, community, small-utility, industrial and solar sectors
  • Under management, VALTA has over 120MWs of solar assets that are undergoing construction or in operation


VALTA’s goal was to finance deals as quickly and efficiently as possible. They wanted to have the ability to merge the project management aspects with the database and document storage. There were previously a lot of issues with coordination and organization with so many different people and documents.

A single solar project could have anywhere between three and five different financiers. They needed a system like DealRoom to help make everything more concise and efficient.

  • Organization of documents, tracking what was where
  • Different companies using different software
  • Coordination of who had access to what information
  • Not having enough storage on other systems
  • Needing to collaborate with different lenders at the same time
  • Data security concerns


DealRoom is made for moving all the M&A aspects into one clean and concise space with proper data privacy and storage. DealRoom’s in-platform project management and database tools addressed their main objectives.

  • Admins can put everything on one platform, and choose who can access what, ultimately saving time since modifications to data room users, documents, and access controls can be accessed without needing external permission
  • Securely collaborate with several lenders at the same time with enough storage with the pipeline management tool keeping all current and prospective investor tracking in one place
  • Advanced security controls and customizable permission request settings


Ultimately, VALTA wanted to become a more technology-driven business since they so heavily rely on their ability to finance deals quickly. They knew they needed software for the M&A process due to the frustration of the constant chaos involving so many people and documents in multiple locations.

DealRoom was the perfect software for them to move everything into one location where everyone could find exactly what they needed, and quickly. After using DealRoom they found much more success in balancing several vendors, time-management, and organization.

  • 5x increased capacity to handle more projects and financing acquisitions
  • Accomplishing deals faster leading to compressing timelines for construction and financing
  • Improved relationships due to less frustration, saved time, stronger communication, and a better reputation during deals


Energy & Environment

Company Size

1-50 Employees


United States, California

Product Solution

Originates, acquires, develops, finances, constructs, owns, and operates clean-energy projects

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