How DealRoom saves time & fights deal fatigue for HALO

Time is the killer of all deals….Now that problems are solved with DealRoom there are no more late nights, and time to dig into the data.
Michael Palumbo

About the Company

  • Fortune 500 leader in branded merchandise, uniform programs, and recognition and incentive programs 
  • Has more than 1,800 employees in 42 global offices 
  • Headquartered in Chicago, IL


HALO was tired of long, unmanageable diligence lists.

They saw time being wasted on redundant or low-priority tasks. Too many late nights were wasted on only organizing and tracking requests in spreadsheets.

Huge value loss was associated with miscommunication and misinformation. Problems stemming from information silos among teams.

  • Needed a new tool to control, organize, and use data
  • Deal fatigue was affecting morale and had implications on diligence speed
  • Saw opportunity to sculpt better communication methods among their large diligence team


After signing up with DealRoom, requests can be organized by group, linked to files, and compiled into a general overview to demonstrate progress.

There is transparency in what has been done by who and what needs to still be accomplished.

HALO is able to preserve accidental edits or mistakes on documents with an audit log. 

  • Intuitive platform means less time onboarding new team members and external users
  • Request list functionality allows for integrated request lists
  • Flexibility in use allows for customization and scalability to team’s unique needs


HALO has full control over its M&A process.

From security to managing diligence requests to communicating with their targets, DealRoom provides an all-in-one solution to their pain points. 

Since onboarding with DealRoom, they’ve saved hours working through spreadsheets and scrolling through email threads. They have found an increase in transparency and accurately measuring and reporting on the diligence process. 

Can you describe how DealRoom has impacted your team's productivity/overall feeling managing a transaction?

Mike: I feel like my house is in order. I know exactly what do i need to do.

They now have a way to ensure their strategy is at the forefront throughout their entire deal cycle. 

  • Diligence was completed 45% faster
  • Project management tools (such as request list functionality) eliminates wasted time and redundant work, streamlines organization, and provides real-time updates
  • Increased transparency and visibility improve communication between all functional leads 
  • An intuitive and easy to set up platform made it easier to onboard team members and targets alike



Company Size

501-5,000 Employees


Unites States

Product Solution

Branding and promotional marketing, employee recognition, sales incentives and company uniforms

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