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Change management is the discipline of equipping your employees with the desire, knowledge, skills, and abilities to operate in a new way.

Because it is not tangible - we cannot always see what is being done like we can with traditional project management - change management is often overlooked or inadvertently forgotten. Unfortunately, it is when you start seeing what is not happening (people are not embracing new culture, work is not getting done properly, and synergies are not being met) that you realize change management is not being implemented. ‍To combat this, M&A change management needs to be brought to the forefront and differentiated from project management.

In this PDF you’ll learn about the importance of change management, as well as strategies and best practices.

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M&A is perhaps the most complex, information-dense and unpredictable process within the corporate sector. M&A transactions begin with the promise of innovation and value creation by combining the strengths and cultures of two unique entities. However, somewhere during the antiquated, avaricious M&A process, these initial goals are often lost.

As M&A deals continue to grow in quantity and transaction size, DealRoom aims to create more collaborative, people-driven and equitable deals that focus more on the original vision of innovation.