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Too many advisors today are letting decades-old processes negatively impact the outcomes of their deals. Their “proprietary” methodology still uses Excel to manually supervise diligence, while sending sensitive information via unsecure email servers.

Physical data rooms, like VDR’s, are no longer the best tools for the M&A process. Join modern advisors who leverage technology to deliver greater value to their clients.

Traditional processes make it hard for clients, buyers, and advisors to realize a deal’s value. Management teams are overwhelmed with requests, causing business performance to suffer. Buyers are frustrated when they can’t find timely answers to their questions in the data room. Without meaningful analytics, advisors are reactive to buyer concerns.

Modern processes streamline deals from start to finish for clients, buyers, and advisors. They minimize distractions for the management team so they can stay laser-focused on their business. Buyer teams benefit from lighter workloads and proactive answers. Advisors work closer with their clients, giving them greater transparency.

Request Tickets

Set reviewers, automate follow-ups, and get answers fast.

Visual Request Lists

Live tracking, less email, and more secure.

Live-Link Documents

Never search through indexes to find an answer.

Simple Permissions

Control doc access and request lists all in one tab.

Smarter Analytics: Say Goodbye to Reactionary Diligence

Having a complicated, time-consuming, and manual process leads to costly oversight, that’s no secret. Traditional banking limits data and insights for you and your advisors. Our advisors extinguish fires, rather than prevent them.

Without quantitative data to support qualitative data, traditional advisors struggle to prepare their clients. They are unable to make key decisions and choose which buyer is right for the deal.

Knowledge is power. And in this industry, it’s also the crux of value.

DealRoom enables leading industry advisors  to work closer with their clients while increasing transparency. It improves their data use by giving them greater insight than spreadsheets. This helps them proactively handle risks before they become issues.

Advanced analytics get buyers engaged by identifying risks faster. Their function heads and external advisors benefit from a centralized process. Our project management tools allow advisory teams to blend the art and science of dealmaking. This creates a repeatable workflow with built in best-practices.

Smart Request Analytics

Track activities that matter most and catch concerns early.

Instant Recall

Eliminate and answer duplicate requests in 1-click.

Shared Space

Work like you’re in the same office as your client.

Prepare Clients for a Smooth Transition and Post Closing Success

Traditionally, post closing is left for companies to figure out. It is no more than a notation on the spreadsheet to interpret (if they ever even open the archive to dig).

Traditional advisors don’t prepare buyers or sellers for post closing. Their buyers don’t have an integration plan early in the deal. This causes the merged company to flounder. The company is forced to focus on day-to-day operations, rather than future growth.

Integration and post-closing success should not been neglected. It is not a guessing game. With careful planning and smarter tools, this is something you can duplicate with military precision. Modern advisors create value for clients by allowing them to seamlessly move from diligence to integration in a continuous workflow.

Diligence Insight Rollover

Buyers can outline a deal’s synergies before close.

Integration Labels

Highlight the most important integration questions.


Know where the integration roadblocks are and stay on schedule.

Modern Advisors are Rewriting the Rules to Exceed Client Expectations

Modern advisors are a true value add, leveraging technology to shape M&A. Their clients feel closer to the deal without losing sight of their business. They use smarter analytics to identify buyer concerns and engage with them. They think ahead for value capture in post closing and deliver maximum value with a seamless client experience.

"You’ve got similar controls to Chrome and Microsoft Office, which is great."

"The goal was to see whether Dealroom is differentiated from a technology perspective, and you guys definitely check that box."

"It’s simple to look at. It’s simple to understand. Intralinks should look like this."

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