Why Agile Works

Over the last decade, the Agile approach has been shaking up industries across the corporate sector. Why? Because it works.

Why Agile Works?

The agile approach is taking the world by storm

At its core, Agile is a problem-solving mindset—a way of conceptualizing and responding to ever-changing environments—which values spontaneity, creativity, and swift reaction to novel situations over established procedure, itemization, and stagnant workflow.
Agile is adaptive instead of predictive, iterative instead of sequential, and flexible instead of rigid.
Whether considered from the buy- or sell-side, the Agile approach is especially well suited to highly dynamic processes like M&A.
In M&A, the needs of every deal are unique. Adopting a traditional, programmatic project management style is likely to lead to duplicate work, lost information, procedural bottlenecks, and limited crossfunctional visibility. All of which contribute to costly delays and unrealized gains. Approaching M&A with an Agile mindset allows team members to react quickly to emergent conditions.
Centralized information, high visibility
Complex data capture, superior analytics
Real-time collaborative workflow
Fragmented information, low visibility
Poor data capture, inferior analytics
Disconnected workflow, batch work

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