Easier due diligence. Every day.

Standardize on DealRoom and protect every one of your deals from the tedious tasks associated with due diligence.

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Standardize on Dealroom and protect every one of your deals

The due diligence process is crucial and tremendously trying. Countless accountants, attorneys and consultants will overwhelm your management team with hundreds of questions and requests for documents.

At the same time, your management team must keep the business running at its peak to maximize your sale price.

A better way, every day.

Expand the value your firm delivers to clients by providing a modern alternative to unsightly spreadsheets, standalone datarooms and the deluge of email.

Standardizing on DealRoom's integrated diligence management platform means every one of your clients benefit from faster setup time, highly efficient communication and a diligence process that takes less time and causes less fatigue.

Your firm benefits from faster deals, actionable project insights and a new revenue stream for each and every transaction.

Key Partner Benefits

Sales Incentives

Significant discounts off DealRoom’s list price give you high-margins to work with in creating service and software packages. We forgo the expensive per-page pricing model, giving you even more flexibility in how you provide DealRoom to your customers.

Technical and Sales Training

Partners enjoy 1:1 sales and technical training and have 24x7 access to our support team. DealRoom will provide you with presentation material, data sheets and training and services for all your clients.

Your Customers, Your Brand

Every partner gets their own individual instance of DealRoom software in our highly, secure Amazon Web Service-hosted environment. The browser-based software will be branded with your logo and company colors, as will the login page. A customer portal link will be provided for inclusion on your website.

Do diligence. Better.

DealRoom is a secure, cloud-based due diligence management platform that was developed specifically to reduce the time, effort and fatigue associated with M&A diligence.

The Traditional

- No integrated project management
- No requests / data room docs linkage
- No analytics or activity audits
- No real-time data entry, alerts or communication
- Price, price and price

DealRoom Partners Clients

- Integrated collaboration and project management tools
- Informative project-based analytics
- Time-saving machine learning eliminates repetitive tasks
- Real-time communication and project monitoring
- Simple subscription pricing

“Life is so much better now that we’ve standardized on DealRoom. Diligence is definitely less stressful. The project management tools are a big win over Excel nightmares. We’re making less mistakes and always have a precise view on what the status of a deal is. Our clients pay less than they would for a traditional data room and they get so much more.”

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