Deal lifecycle management software for SPACs

No matter what stage your SPAC is in, from initiation, IPO, finding a target, or closing the deal, DealRoom’s platform can help manage the process.

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Secure data storage

During a SPAC, the IPO is a massive financing project that requires copious amounts of information. Teams can securely store all the required files, documents, and information.

Organize important Data

Create one, safe place to organize all the required SPAC information, documents, and files. The platform supports a wide variety of file types and the room structure is completely customizable.

House diligence requests

Your team can manage and complete the request within the room when the investment bank and investors have diligence requests. Diligence requests can also be tied to files in the platform’s data room.

Post IPO management

After an IPO, teams can continue to use DealRoom to manage any future acquisitions. They can have multiple rooms set up for each acquisition and utilize the pipeline management features.


Secure and safe


Cheaper than traditional M&A data rooms.


Less time spent on due diligence

Streamline due diligence process

Track your diligence process

See which diligence tasks are still open, in progress, or completed, along with assignees and due dates.

Eliminate disconnected communication

Centralize all diligence communication, tasks, and files for improved collaboration and transparency

Easily store, share, and collaborate on documents

Manage documents in one secure place

Organize and manage your documents with easy drag & drop upload, 4-levels permissions, built-in viewer, and smart notifications.

Easily connect documents with requests

Complete due diligence request by simply using the drag-and-drop upload.

We take security seriously

SOC II certification

Have peace of mind knowing your documents and files are safe when stored within our SOC2 compliant platform.

Granular permissions

Control the access, and the specifics around the access, that each user has for every file within the platform

What has stuck out most to me is the responsiveness and overall care the DealRoom team has shown in addressing any issues or concerns as they may arise.

We have even requested extra functionality / capabilities and the team has responded by building these out where possible.

Alex A.
Senior Analyst

Let us optimize your deal management workflows

Stop drowning in email threads and trackers that house confidential information, and start prioritizing security and organization. Choose the easier and safer way to do deals with DealRoom.

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