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Solving the VDR Problem

By eliminating the tedious, manual operations and inefficient communication that typically plague M&A due diligence, teams can focus on the kind of high-value activity that really moves the needle

Simplifying Due Diligence, One Deal at a Time

Instead of dealing with emails, excel trackers and endless conference calls, why not streamline your M&A process with a smart system, in one place? Our smart system simplifies the process and uses machine learning to make your due diligence process easier. Communicate within the platform, track your documents and use analytics to be proactive and address issues before they become problems. Simplify the process, and simplify your workday. Eliminate work, and take that extra time and focus on what can help your company grow.

The 10 Benefits of Using, Partnering with DealRoom

1. Simplified Process

The deal gets done faster by using one process management tools instead of spreadsheet trackers, emails and a data room. Communication is seamless and centralized within the system, and no external communication is required.

2. Reduced Cost

Per-page pricing is extremely expensive; this antiquated model was logical 20 years ago when vendors would come on-site and scan documents onto expensive servers. Today, costs are reduced significantly as cloud storage is 2.3 cents per G or 10,000 pages per month.

3. Faster Entry

It takes 20 minutes to train a person to set up a company profile, and then to get started.

4. Eliminate Work

Today’s team needs to work in sync so they can conduct comprehensive diligence with less redundancy. This reduces errors and shortens timelines by 25-40%, creating better results and reduces extra work.

5. Increased Collaboration

Integration starts very early in the process, as Integration leads should be in early conversations with the deal team as validators when value drivers are identified. Items during diligence should be tagged for integration consideration.

6. Improved Security

Sending sensitive information via email is not safe. Reduce the risk of having data leaked by keeping all documents, trackers and conversations in a secured and audited environment.

7. Focused Analytics

Analytics around diligence is much more valuable than just document tracking. The data from diligence requests shows the precise activity on specific diligence issues. This identifies concerns and bottlenecks, and can help make better decisions when advising clients.  Because all diligence functions are under the same application, information is captured that is otherwise missed when separate apps are used.

8. Continuous Improvement

Agile principles improve the M&A process by allowing flexibility in organizing requests by order of priority and distributing weight to different items. Bottlenecks are identifiable by understanding where time should be allocated and benchmarking against progress.

9. Reduced Distraction

The due diligence process can be distracting for the management teams during an M&A process. Duplicate requests, late requests and email overload can inundate the management team. They can lose focus on the business, and any loss of performance during the transaction can create concerns and possible renegotiation terms from the buyer.

10. Smarter System

The system learns and automates the process, reducing work effort. The process is repeatable and consistent, adapting to surprises, changes and complexity.

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