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Solving the VDR Problem

By eliminating the tedious, manual operations and inefficient communication that typically plague M&A due diligence, teams can focus on the kind of high-value activity that really moves the needle

Key Features

Why choose DealRoom over standard virtual data rooms?

Link requests to documents

Requests linked to the actual documents in our next-generation virtual data room (VDR). No more manually looking up index numbers. Create requests while reviewing documents. The request takes point, there is no Excel document to obscure communication.

Recall Response Means Instant Smiles

DealRoom's next-generation architecture allows time-saving features you wont find in other VDRs. Our Recall Response feature gives you instant visibility to all requests related to a document. The time saved makes everybody on the M&A team smile a whole lot more.

Project Analytics for Actionable Insights

Identify roadblocks early and avoid wasted time. Focus energy on parties with the most deal-closing potential. Be better prepared for calls and meetings by knowing what documents are getting the most activity.

Automated reporting

Always be in the know! Customized dashboards and project activity can be emailed to you daily.

Time-saving intelligence

We use machine learning technology to recall answers to previous requests. No more retyping the same thing over and over. Can your VDR to that?

Messaging and monitoring

Integration with Slack allows admins to monitor data room activity in real-time and more quickly address outstanding issues.

Minimize the Burden on Management Teams

Simplified, centralized workflows make due diligence cleaner and easier for management teams. Clear indications of responsibilities, segmented by functional expertise, promotes fast execution of priority diligence requests. When management teams are unburdened and actively collaborating, advisors can spend less time “herding cats” and more time closing deals.

Import Your Requests Lists

Senior managers who use Excel are shocked by how intuitive DealRoom is. Import thousands of requests across multiple lists, configure priorities and assign to team members . . . in minutes.

Unique Team Productivity

Imagine the productivity if your entire deal team sat in one office. DealRoom can have that kind of impact on deal velocity. Enter post-closing 35% faster with DealRoom.

Visually-Friendly Requests

Clients appreciate advisors who can give insightful and timely advice. Visual Request Lists speed critical communications and risk identification.

Take the Pain Out of Post-Closing Integration

Flag integration issues early to avoid ‘you break it, you buy it’. Rollover diligence docs into integration to slash 5 to 6 figures off post-closing expenses. Live-link docs in requests with 1-click to flag those relevant to integration.

Integration Tagging and Planning

The first data room built for post-closing. We expose powerful insight into how the new company can be integrated or spun-out. Save hundreds of hours and unearth a treasure trove of actionable data. Avoid the merger ‘dip’ through better planning.

Diligence Insight Rollover

Other, older virtual data rooms fail to preserve hard-won information found in due diligence. DealRoom's Live Links means leaders have valuable PMI information right at their fingertips. Your investment hypothesis becomes more reality, less theory.

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DealRoom saves time and decreases risk. It’s the go-to process management tool for teams who don’t have time to waste. Leave Excel trackers and endless email threads to your competitors using other data rooms.

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