M&A Science Virtual Summit

10-11 Jun, 2020
45 mins


Kison Patel
CEO and Founder of DealRoom

About the event

The M&A Science Virtual Summit is a gathering of top-level practitioners where they can share their lessons learned.

Putting together companies is complicated and taking them apart is even more complicated. With a lack of proven approaches, target value is often missed and many people are left frustrated.

Our mission is to evolve the M&A industry with science. We aim to share qualitative interviews that extract valuable lessons learned from experienced practitioners that can be applied tactically to your practice.

For more information visit https://www.mascience.com/

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Type: Online

Speakers list: https://www.mascience.com/speakers

Key points

Why Attend

  • Learn Best-practices - Fireside chats and roundtables are based on learning objectives so you can acquire new skills applicable to your practice.
  • Convenient Digital Experience - Less distractions means more to learn.
  • Top-level Speakers - No pay to play speakers. They sharing their lessons learned to advance the science of M&A.
  • Technology Showcase - Learn about the latest and greatest tools for M&A.
  • Advice - All our sessions are live and provide an opportunity to get feedback on your biggest challenges.
  • Happy Hour - The best virtual happy hour in our industry.