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DealRoom Recognized as a Top B2B Tech Company in the Chicago Area

DealRoom Named a Top Chicago B2B Tech Company

DealRoom is proud to receive recognition by the Illinois Technology Association and G2 Crowd as one of Chicago’s top B2B technology companies. 

This list, compiled using G2 data as well as customer reviews and testimony, ranked DealRoom number 25 out of the 50 named companies. The list also gives rightful celebration and acknowledgment to Chicago’s growing and dynamic technology community. 

“The general Chicago area has some of the best technology resources available, like an exceptional talent pool and a midwestern “let’s get it done” attitude. In reality, tech is relevant to everyone as software is slowly but surely  ‘eating the world.’ As a result, there has been a major spike in the development of innovative tech ecosystems and collaborative environments to invigorate the dynamic workforce,” the article says. 

DealRoom is honored to be listed amongst such strong companies, having gained much inspiration from their constant innovation and development. 

DealRoom is also extremely appreciative of our abiding customer base for enabling us to be recognized in this list. DealRoom's top goal is always to bring the best product forward for our users while constantly improving and refining for better results. 

Our team works incredibly hard to provide the best service possible, meanwhile contributing to Chicago’s incredible technology sector. 

"It’s been DealRoom’s privilege to work within Illinois’ growing and highly dynamic technology community. This community has been an imperative and welcomed allied in DealRoom’s own growth and continues to provide our organization with mentorship, inspiration, and innovation," said Kison Patel, DealRoom's CEO and Founder.

We look forward to continuing our efforts in the great city of Chicago. 

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