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Constantly discuss current industry issues with our customers, and update our software to address current problems.


We’re young but we’re experienced.


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Our Leadership

At DealRoom, we understand that the world of M&A is constantly evolving, and so does our platform. We strive to roll out new features and capabilities to ensure that your process is running as efficient as possible.

At the end of the day, our goal stays the same, to help you close deals faster.

Our Values

Kison Patel


Konstantin Gusarevich

Director of Operations

Ilgiz Islamgulov

VP of Engineering

Andrey Shtangeyev

Software Engineer

Marsha Lewis

Director of Marketing

Julia Rollins

Customer Success Manager

Pam Eysie

Sales Manager

Madeleine Martin

Public Relations Associate

Jessica Zhivotovsky

Sales Manager

Restie Antiquin


Mhyla Mae Villanueva Uy

Social Media Manager