Project Management for M&A

DealRoom’s Project Management tool leads to better deals, in less time, with fewer expenses. Organizes deals in a central hub to enable cross-function collaboration and make it easy to share findings. This cloud-based tool creates a seamless user experience. Teams no longer waste time waiting for offline spreadsheets and email updates.

Interactive Dashboards

See the big picture or drill down into details with interactive dashboards.

Burndown Charts

Catch problems before they arise with timelines and burndown charts.

Seamless Integration

Integrate with DealRoom’s Data Room and AI Manage to enable human-like automation.

Cross-Function Collaboration

Manage all interactions in a central location to enable collaboration across functions.

Machine Learning

Eliminate mundane tasks and duplicate work with machine learning that flags similar requests.


• Complete diligence and integration in 35-50% less time
• Eliminate 90% of administrative overhead

Bottom Line

DealRoom Project Management is the most advanced tool for managing faster and more cost-effective deals.

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