Data Room for M&A

DealRoom’s fully compliant data room is fast to setup, simple to use, and fully integrated with every tool. With DealRoom’s Data Room, teams achieve efficient workflows and keep sensitive data safely inside the room. Teams seamlessly integrate with the DealRoom suite of tools to achieve advanced capabilities and deeper analytics. Our fully integrated Data Room keeps all your data in one place. More data leads to better analytics and less roadblocks—producing faster deals.


Track all requests in an encrypted data room and avoid insecure spreadsheets.


Achieve industry-leading compliance with SEC and FINRA, plus options for HIPPA and ITAR compliance.

Simple Permissions

Gain complete control and simplify boundaries with rigorous permissions.

Accelerated Deals

Reuse data created in due diligence to save hundreds of hours in post-closing.

Live Link

Link documents and leave comments for people inside the data room (no email required).


• Achieve 30-35% faster deals
• Decrease costs by 15%
• 360° deal visibility with 70-90% increase in actionable insights

Bottom Line

Our fully compliant data room is connected with every tool you use.

Seemlessly Integrate with all of DealRoom's Products