Collaboration for M&A

Powered by Slack, DealRoom Collaboration lets M&A teams chat in real-time without filling anyone’s inbox. DealRoom Collaboration enables cross-functional visibility, enabling collaboration across time zones. M&A teams receive important and actionable notifications via Slack, reducing email intake by up to 85%. With real time chat, team members quickly identify and address the most relevant issues. Faster responses lead to shorter deal cycles.

Actionable Notifications

Keep your team up-to-date by pushing notifications from various sources to Slack.

Cross-Functional Visibility

Create open communication channels between functions and workstreams.

Organized Communication

Create tailored channels–with assigned permissions–for different work streams, functions, and deals.

Easy File Sharing

Drag and drop files within Slack channels to reduce internal emails by up to 85%.

Indexed Thread

Use DealRoom’s search tool to quickly find messages and files that are indexed and archived in Slack.


• Realize 50% productivity gains
• Reduce internal emails by 70-85%

Bottom Line

With DealRoom, you can effortlessly collaborate across borders in real time.

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