Analytics for M&A

Developed with Tableau, DealRoom’s Analytics provides a central view of real-time data across every integrated platform. Analyzing information across multiple systems is time-consuming. DealRoom’s Tableau integration lets teams connect with all popular data sources to fully automate reporting. You will benefit from real-time management dashboards that let you track integration progress and benchmark synergies. Teams gain a unified view of every deal, letting them access hidden insights in diligence and integration to stop bottlenecks early.

Management Dashboard

Build a complete management dashboard to track integration progress.

Smart Integration

Connect to over 30 external data sources with Tableau.

Synergy Tracking

Measure synergies during integration against a project plan.

Automated Reporting

Shift the focus from tactical activities to value-added processes.

Transparent Deal Activity

Use special KPIs to identify deal concerns and opportunities.


• Identify risks 30-50% faster
• Reduce reporting time and resources by 75-90%

Bottom Line

DealRoom’s Analytics provide insights so you know the concerns of each party before they’re even brought up.

Seemlessly Integrate with all of DealRoom's Products