AI Source for M&A

Built with TensorFlow, DealRoom’s AI Source uses artificial intelligence to quickly identify prospective deals that haven’t surfaced yet. DealRoom’s AI Source is machine intelligence for M&A. This proprietary tool sources deals by screening billions of data points to predict companies that are likely to sell in the next 12 months. AI Source utilizes key information and social sentiment to make predictions. Monitor market signals so your team never misses a prospective deal.

Leading Technology

Use a cutting edge solution to achieve proprietary deal flow.

Artificial Intelligence

Access key indicators and analyze data faster with AI, beyond what’s humanly possible.

Expert Analysis (Beyond Human Capability)

Conduct sentiment analysis by using AI Source to study historic transaction details.

Identify Hidden Deals

Access insight not available through any other platform to predict IPOs and source deals.

Proprietary Deal Flow

Increase your deal flow by using modern technology to source opportunities.


• Screen billions of data points
• Increase deal flow

Bottom Line

Leverage the power of AI to source deals by analyzing data across billions of data points.

Seemlessly Integrate with all of DealRoom's Products