September 19, 2023

Granular Permissions: Smooth Control for M&A and Integration Workflows

DealRoom's new granular permissions feature is designed to offer corporate development teams and integration leads an unmatched level of control over task-level details and actions.

It allows teams to customize workflows down to the smallest detail, ensuring that everyone involved knows their role and limitations.

Selective Task Creation

As an admin, you can specify permissions to allow only designated functional owners or specific internal and external buyer teams to create new tasks. This eliminates the clutter of non-essential tasks, letting you concentrate on mission-critical activities.

Status Control for Real-Time Oversight

Customize the statuses that different user groups can access or modify. For example, you can restrict the sell-side to statuses like 'N/A' or 'Buyer Review,' ensuring you have a real-time, accurate view of each task's progress without having to double-check or clarify.

Label Management for Strategic Prioritization

Choose who can see or add labels like "Critical" or "Risk," which can be hidden from the sell-side. This enables your internal teams to strategically prioritize tasks without revealing sensitive internal assessments.

Multi-Level Access to Task Parameters

Go beyond basic permissions by specifying who can see or change not just statuses, but also assignees, reviewers, and followers. This multi-level control ensures that tasks are not just created but also executed and closed by the right personnel, under the right conditions.

Immutable Due Dates for Unwavering Timelines

As an integration lead, you can lock the ability to change due dates, ensuring that your team stays on track and meets critical integration milestones without any unplanned delays.

Deletion Safeguards for Uninterrupted Workflows

Control who can delete tasks to prevent accidental or intentional removal of crucial requests, thereby maintaining the integrity of your workflow.

How It Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Selective Task Creation: Navigate to the admin settings and select the user groups—be it functional owners or specific buyer teams—that are permitted to create new tasks.
  2. Status Control: In the admin settings, you can define a list of statuses that are accessible to different user groups, such as the sell-side or internal buyer teams.
  3. Label Visibility: Also in the admin settings, you can specify which labels are visible to which user groups, allowing for internal-only labels that aid in strategic decision-making.
  4. Fine-Tuned Task Parameters: Within each task, you can click on 'Permissions' to specify which user groups can change statuses, assignees, reviewers, and followers.
  5. Lock Date Changes: In the admin settings, you can disable the ability for specific user groups to alter due dates, ensuring your integration timeline remains sacrosanct.
  6. Secure Task Deletion: In the admin settings, designate which user groups are restricted from deleting tasks, safeguarding your workflow.

For a detailed guide on how to leverage this feature to its fullest, please refer to our upcoming support article.

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