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M&A Integration Charter Template

Integration Charter Checklist
The Integration Charter provides a framework of requests for high level management presentations and is usually the first deliverable created by the integration team. These are tailored specifically to M&A transactions.
  • Initial requests help prompt basic information for a general overview of the target company such as purpose, budget, schedule, and success criteria
  • DealRoom encourages teams to customize these checklists to accommodate the unique needs of your deal and your team.
What the Integration Charter Template Includes
This template Includes line items for an integration charter creation.

Integration Charter Checklist

Here are example request line items covered in the Integration Charter Checklist
  • Key Integration Objectives
  • Anticipated Dependencies: IT and Data
  • Anticipated Synergy Drivers
  • Post Close Deliverables

Can I change requests in this checklist or add new?

Every M&A integration process is different. Downloaders are urged to make these checklists their own by changing the providing information to better fit their needs and process.

Does this questionnaire provide all the necessary integration information?

This integration charter checklist was created by and for M&A professionals. It includes a comprehensive starting point for any integration process. Every deal is different however and may require additional requests or diligence areas.
Easily Import the M&A Integration Charter Checklist into DealRoom
The Integration Charter Checklist Template can easily be imported into DealRoom. Here’s how to use the template with DealRoom:
How to use the template with DealRoom:
  • Download the due diligence template from DealRoom’s website
  • Open a room within DealRoom
  • Go to the Requests tab and select “import”
  • Import the downloaded template

The Requests tab is automatically populated with the requests from the due diligence template. Users can begin assigning, adding to, and completing due diligence requests.

Use DealRoom’s Premade Templates

Quick, easy download
The template is already filled out and in the correct format
Import into the room in less than a minute
The room is automatically populated and organized
Immediately begin conducting essential integration tasks