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DealRoom is built on one simple idea: minimize risk and maximize value through project management. We focus on five core customer benefits: actionable analytics, visual requests, stronger security, better client insights, and value capture in post-closing.

Prevent Blowouts with Actionable Analytics

Track and identify which requests actually matter. Focus your energy on parties with the most deal-closing potential. Identify merger roadblocks early to avoid wasting time on doomed deals.

Due Diligence Request Tickets

DealRoom builds on your existing workflow, making diligence more efficient than ever before. Import Excel sheets or create request tickets as needed. Link requests directly to docs inside the room. Set reviewers, automate follow-ups, and get answers faster.

Smart Request Analytics

Seller teams instantly see requests decision makers are stuck on. Create any custom metric you need to monitor the deal.

Integrate Spreadsheets With Visual Request Lists

Always up-to-date request lists means no more version control for Excel trackers. Import your current request list into DealRoom in under 3 minutes. Catch duplicate requests and use Instant Recall to answer in 1-click.

Visual Request Lists

Picture the time you spent in email and spreadsheets on your last deal. Now imagine 35% less. Minimize time waste by linking requests to documents. Buyers label requests during due diligence for successful integration. Stop the archaic process of copying and pasting into Excel and email.

Instant Recall Response

Answer and eliminate duplicate requests in 1-click. The Recall Response tool uses machine learning to spot similar requests. Use the same response for multiple requests. Save time. Save your sanity.

More Security Than Today’s Data Room

Keep sensitive documents out of emails and away from hackers. Track all requests in an encrypted data room instead of an insecure .xlsx. Achieve industry leading compliance with SEC and FINRA, plus options for HIPPA and ITAR compliance.

Live Link Documents

Sharing trackers via email is easy, but not worth the risk. Link documents and leave comments for people inside the data room. No email required. Keep it secure and away from hackers looking for their next big stock tip.

Simple Permissions

All permission settings you rely on today are standard. You’re always in control of who has access. Create an access group for bidders or lawyers to simplify boundaries. Duplicate permission groups for similar parties in 3 clicks.


DealRoom meets or exceeds regulatory rules for data rooms. 256-bit AES encryption and fully SEC and FINRA compliant. We’re also setup for HIPPA and ITAR for healthcare and defense companies. We’ve got all the acronyms you need, including CYA.

Give Your Clients Uncommon Insight

Keep companies operating smoothly by minimizing the impact on management teams. Provide a secure, common collaboration space for advisors and clients—it’s like you’re in the same office. Maximize negotiation leverage with frictionless communication.

Request Tickets

Clients want advisors who give smart, timely advice. Visual Request Lists speed critical communications and highlight risk. Excel and email shouldn’t get between you and your banker. Focus more on securing better terms and less on preparing status reports.

Shared Space for Advisors & Clients

Imagine if your entire deal team sat in one office. Our one-stop-shop gives all parties a digital office to accelerate collaboration velocity. Don’t waste time searching your data room. Enter post-closing 35% faster than deals with old-fashioned data rooms.

Imports Requests From Excel

Senior managers who use Excel are shocked by how intuitive DealRoom is. Importing your request list takes minutes. Copy it into our Excel template and upload to DealRoom. No two trackers are the same, but your diligence process can be.

Take the Pain Out of Post-Closing Integration

Flag integration issues early to avoid ‘you break it, you buy it’. Rollover diligence docs into integration to slash 5 to 6 figures off post-closing expenses. Live-link docs in requests with 1-click to flag those relevant to integration.

Integration Tagging and Planning

The first data room built for post-closing. We expose powerful insight into how the new company can be integrated or spun-out. Save hundreds of hours and unearth a treasure trove of actionable data. Avoid the merger ‘dip’ through better planning.

Diligence Insight Rollover

Today’s data rooms do not preserve hard-won intelligence found in diligence. With our Live Links, functional leaders have all the information labeled and at their fingertips. Your investment hypothesis becomes more reality, less theory.

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