Corporate Lending Software for Complex Financial Transactions and Management

DealRoom’s corporate lending software enables teams to streamline corporate lending workflows, collaborate, and stay organized.

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Advantages of using DealRoom’s Lending Software for Corporate Finance


Simple User Experience

DealRoom’s software is designed to be user friendly, innovative, and easy to implement into everyday processes. Upon signing up, users are assigned a designated customer success manager to help with training and setting up the room. Our commercial lending platform also utilizes smart technology, such as response recall, to learn and adapt to user behavior.


Convenient Document Management and Storage

Lending, loan, and other financial services involves varying personnel and confidential information. We provide teams with a secure place to store large amounts of documents and files, while also keeping it simple to share and transfer information to the right people. Many of our pricing plans include unlimited data, which prevents teams from having to count pages.


Organized Internal and External Processes

Since our commercial lending software combines project management with virtual data room features, teams can manage external and internal projects simultaneously. Users can assign tasks, set due dates, attach files, communicate, and more within the requests tab, and also conduct commercial due diligence. The dashboard feature allows users to switch back and forth between rooms, and get an overview of each project.


Eliminate Loan Management Inefficiencies

With DealRoom, you’ll no longer need to worry about Excel trackers, one-off emails, or version control issues. We eliminate these common inefficiencies from the process and allows teams to focus on more important tasks, such as relationship management. The platform is updated in real time, allows for commenting, and enables all new requests to go through one software channel.


Corporate finance teams use DealRoom to manage projects and collaborate


We have customers using DealRoom to manage over fifty projects at a time


In total transaction value run on DealRoom’s lending software solution

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Software for Corporate Lending and Loan Service Management

DealRoom’s project management and virtual data room lending platform streamlines the lending process. Our loan software solution enables teams to securely manage transactions from anywhere, whether they are in the office or on a mobile device. Teams can quickly gather documents, transfer files, grant approvals, and more. Specifically, our corporate lending product software has helped teams organize and store information regarding many different types of loans including

  • Real estate loans
  • Equipment loans
  • Asset-based loans
  • Bank term loans
  • Merchant cash advances
  • Lines of Credit
  • Project finance
  • Business credit cards
  • Credit Scores
  • Interest Rates
  • Working Capital

Benefits of Corporate Lending Products and Software

When a time sensitive workflow is divided between multiple platforms, such as Excel and VDRs, the process tends to get slowed down. At DealRoom, we aim to keep everyone on one centralized platform to help streamline workflows and create efficiency. Our corporate lending software is designed to be user friendly and intuitive, making it easier than ever to stay organized during corporate loan projects.

  • Store and organize all documents in files in one location
  • Receive real-time updates as requests are fulfilled
  • Track progress with detailed analytics
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lending software analytics

Utilize DealRoom’s Commercial Lending Software Analytics Capabilities

When an entire corporate banking workflow is managed on DealRoom’s lending tools, users have access to detailed analytics and always have a bird’s-eye view of the project’s status. In the analytics tab, users can access data regarding requests, progress, room activity, document activity, and more. Users can also access the audit log, which tracks all activity within the room.  All analytics are easily exportable into a PDF or Excel file for convenient reporting.

Retrieve data on:

  • Requests Overview
  • Requests Progress
  • Requests Activity
  • Top Active Users
  • Document Activity
  • Audit Log

Benefits of DealRoom’s Commercial Lending Software

When tasked with important strategic decision making, corporate lending teams trust us to help them get the job done from day of the loan lifecycle.
Team Collaboration

Due to the software’s features such as commenting, assigning, reviewing, file transferring etc. collaboration between teams and third parties has never been easier.

Safe Data Storage

Our commercial lending software is a 100% secure location to store and share financial documents, human resources information, amendment reports, and intellectual property.

Deal Management

With our platform, users can go back and forth between multiple corporate lending deals quickly, and easily stay on top of critical deadlines.

Tailored Training

Whether your team is comprised of 5 or 50, we tailor our corporate lending product training to make sure every user knows how to use the full-functionality of our software.

Customizable Filters

Set customizable filters to quickly be informed on project information such as date created, deal lead, last activity, and more.

Internal Team Management

Users can spin up seperate rooms for tasks and requests (not related to specific projects) for internal organization and management.

"Very easy to use and manage various groups using the data room. I really liked their request tracking feature and the project management capabilities to get all of the due diligence requests completed on time. The support team was fantastic to work with and always answered our questions on a timely basis. I have worked with the large virtual data room providers in the past and this is a major improvement in functionality and ease of use versus what I was used to."
Efrain T., CFO

Dealroom Overview


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