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DealRoom is Agile M&A. Do diligence, better.

Your competitors are executing 40% faster diligence than you are, while saving their clients 50% of the cost by using DealRoom.

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What you'll learn in the Dealroom demo

  • Our platform organizes documents automatically and streamlines requests, creating more efficient and easier-to-manage workflows.

  • Integrated communication tools ensure that important messages and deadlines are never overlooked.

  • DealRoom records in-depth analytics, providing valuable project management insight on user activity, request dependencies, and overall progress on a daily-to-monthly basis.

What people say after using DealRoom

  • "With DealRoom, we haven’t had to exchange an excel tracker even once." - Mustafa G, Baird

  • "DealRoom has saved our team time and allowed our client to comfortably use a secure data room without having trouble understanding the platform." - Tyler H, Stout

  • "I have used a lot of virtual data room software in the past and DealRoom offers an extremely intuitive platform that is very easy to use. It has all the features I would need in a data room provider at a very competitive price point." - Sidarth B, Stout