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The data room / spreadsheet way of managing due diligence takes an unnecessarily high level of effort and way too much time. DealRoom reduces the complexities of M&A due diligence, making the process easier on buyers, sellers and everybody in between.

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What you'll learn in the Dealroom demo

  • When a data room is integrated with communication and analytic tools, M&A due diligence can be completed 30 to 40% faster.

  • Analytic project status dashboards provide valuable project management insight, improves communication and helps to maintain deal value.

  • Machine learning can save time and provide consistent communication among all parties.

What we typically hear after a DealRoom demo

  • Wow, this is so much better than they way we are managing due diligence today!

  • Wow, with DealRoom I won’t have to manually look up index numbers and fumble through spreadsheets.

  • Why have we been paying so much money for just a data room? DealRoom is more affordable and does so much more.