DealRoom Office Hours with Peanut Butter Student Loan Assistance & Pax8

David Aronson is the CEO at Peanut Butter Student Loan Assistance and Jefferson Keith is the SVP, Corporate Development at Pax8. During this session, they share their experiences with fundraising, how they use DealRoom, and give advice for other practitioners.

Enables information to be organized, shared, and presented to investors
Ensures everyone has the same amount of information at the same time
Provides an excellent source of insight in conducting fundraising
Encourages transparent communication practices

Peanut Butter Student Loan Assistance gives employers a platform to assist their college graduated employees with their student loan debt. Realizing these in-debt graduates are top job candidates, Peanut Butter wanted to create a chance for employers to stand out as preferred companies and attract these highly qualified candidates. By offering complete benefit packages, employees feel taken care of, and therefore the companies are able to retain college educated talent. 

When it came to presenting information to potential investors, Peanut Butter was looking for a platform that gave insight, control, and reporting on the information that was being shown to investors. However, the Peanut Butter team was discovering most of the existing platforms, such as Google Drive, were insufficient when it came to these specific needs. After connecting with DealRoom’s CEO and being shown the DealRoom platform, the Peanut Butter team quickly became enthusiastic users.

Peanut Butter has been a DealRoom customer for about three years now, using the platform primarily to organize information shared with and presented to investors, both existing and potential. DealRoom has “been an excellent source of insight in conducting fundraising” for Peanut Butter because of its intuitive user interface. By creating indexes with unique index permissions, Peanut Butter can give its different users access to specific information. For example, the team set up a group titled ‘No Access’, where they put prospective investors they choose not to move forward with. By doing so, they remove the outside party’s ability to access their confidential information while keeping the door open for future conversations.

DealRoom has been valuable in terms of keeping the playing field level across all of Peanut Butter’s potential investors by ensuring everyone has the same amount of information at the same time. With DealRoom’s reporting feature, Peanut Butter’s team can give potential investors specific information breakdowns, store that information in the investor relations directory and share it with the other investors, ensuring no one is left in the dark and continuing good communication practices.

As time spent in the platform progresses, the Peanut Butter team has noticed the transformative nature of DealRoom and its expansive capabilities. From secure data storage, to unique information access settings, and its professional yet user-friendly interface, Peanut Butter has seen an increase in investor confidence and trust. By keeping important information in one hub, all parts of fundraising can be streamlined and presented to investors with the guarantee of securely stored data.