Django/Rest Framework Backend Engineer

Software Development

DealRoom is a fast-growing company with a global presence. As a Senior Software Engineer, you can expect to have a big impact in shaping our flagship SaaS product.

We expect you to be familiar with most of our backend's stack, namely: Django, DRF, and PostgreSQL, as well as have 3+ years of production experience with the backend stack.

As a backend developer, there won’t be much focus on the frontend and ops parts, but sometimes we all appear there. We will direct you if the need arises.

Our core values:

  • responsiveness
  • empathy
  • adaptiveness
  • attention to detail
  • resilience


  • create an easy-to-use API
  • design and implement new functionality
  • write the tests
  • detect bottlenecks and optimize them
  • take a part in the product's development
  • help with collecting requirements

We look less at the candidate's experience and more at what their values are. If you feel your values are aligned with ours, and you feel excited about the tasks listed above, please apply.

To apply please email your resume and your cover letter to