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DealRoom’s software provides full-range solutions for all types of capital markets transactions. With project management and virtual data room capabilities, DealRoom solutions streamlines the entire dealmaking process, from pitch to implementation.

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Full-Range Capital Markets Software Products for Financial Services


Improve Deal Structuring

Despite a constant evolution in technology, many billion-dollar deals are still managed on ill-fitting platforms like Excel and email. These platforms create version control issues and decentralized workflows. Our product solution allows capital market firms to manage important documents, tasks and communications on one, centralized platforms.


Steamline Due Diligence

Due diligence is a document-heavy and time-consuming process that requires extensive organization to keep the deal moving forward and avoid duplicate work. Our capital markets tools enable secure document sharing and provides project management solutions so that stakeholders can track and provide necessary information in real time.


Efficient Asset and Investment Management

Our platform project management and analytics capabilities enable more efficient long term asset and investment management. Keep track of important assets and manage risks by organizing essential documents like balance sheets and income statements. Centralizing all necessary information aligns teams during the entire capital market process.


Secure Document Storage

Our capital markets services provide a secure and trusted virtual data room that meets all risk and compliance needs. Share documents and data with stakeholders efficiently and securely with virtual data room capabilities. DealRoom holds extensive cloud based security and compliance certifications.


Corp Dev teams with over one hundred individuals use us to manage projects and collaborate


We have customers using us to manage over fifty projects at a time


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Capital Markets Solutions for the Primary Market

We provide unique capital market services for institutional investors, corporations raising capital, investment banks, and public accounting firms. DealRoom’s project management capabilities streamline due diligence, financial auditing, risk assessment, equity securities or portfolio management, and client communications. Manage priorities, tasks and collaborate directly with clients and colleagues on one, centralized platform to complete projects more efficiently.

Capital Markets Product Solutions for Secondary Markets

DealRoom creates for efficient, collaborative and successful processes for practitioners in secondary markets. Our technology makes selling or trading bonds and shares easier and more organized. Buyers and sellers can communicate and securely share documents on platform while investment banks smoothly facilitate the overall trading process. Unlike other capital markets software providers, we offer a full lifecycle solution to all stakeholders conducting projects in secondary markets.

capital markets product solutions
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Capital Markets Platform Solutions for Structured Finance Deals

Unlike other capital markets software vendors, our tool is uniquely designed for complex structured finance deals. Completing or managing a structured finance deal requires organization, extensive due diligence and document management. Our capital market solutions enable stakeholders to securely share and manage extensive sensitive information. Meanwhile, the platform’s project management capabilities enables collaboration on tasks like marketing, reporting and creating a corporate scoreboard.

Benefits of DealRoom’s Capital Market Applications

When tasked with important strategic decision making in the capital and equity markets, practitioners trust DealRoom to help them get the job done from day one to close.
Team Collaboration

Our capital markets tool increases collaboration better than other capital markets software providers due to features such as commenting, assigning, reviewing, and file transferring.

Safe Data Storage

Our capital markets platform not only meets industry security standards, but goes the extra mile to ensure all information is kept secure and documents are protected. Our platform’s security measures provide clients with controls, reporting, and procedures required to keep all their data and operations safe.

Project Management

With our capital tech solutions, practitioners can go back-and-forth between multiple deals and projects quickly, and easily stay on top of critical deadlines.

Tailored Training

No matter if your team is comprised of 5 or 50, we tailor our training to make sure every user knows how to use the full-functionality of our software.

Customizable Filters

Set customizable filters to quickly be informed on project information such as date created, deal lead, last activity, and more.

Internal Team Management

Users can spin up seperate rooms for tasks and requests (not related to specific projects) for internal organization and management.

"I really liked their request tracking feature and the project management capabilities to get all of the due diligence requests completed on time. The support team was fantastic to work with and always answer our questions on a timely basis. I had worked with the large virtual data room providers in the past and this is a major improvement in functionality and ease of use versus what I was used to."
Efrain T., CFO, Information Technology and Services

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