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Silicon Valley Scrum(mit) Conference 2019

DealRoom’s CEO and Founder, Kison Patel, recently enjoyed the opportunity to speak at the 2019 Silicon Valley Scrum(mit) and present on the beneficial implementation of Agile into complex financial transactions like mergers and acquisitions.

This conference, organized by author and entrepreneur Fred Fowler, hosts Agile leaders who are enacting the framework’s methodology into their respective, diverse industries.

“The first question I asked the audience during my presentation was about the emotions felt by those who have been involved in a merger or acquisition,” Kison said, “the responses were unfortunately not surprising. Many associated the process with words like destruction, fear and unnerve.”

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are conducted for the purpose of innovation, adaptation and market improvement. However, the intense and avaricious process often results in untouched value drivers and discouraged stakeholders. This is where Kison believes Agile can make a welcomed impact.

During his presentation, Kison overviewed how certain aspects of Agile, such as sprints and kanban boards, can create more collaborative and efficient M&A deals. Kison explained how M&A practitioners, often using Excel for billion dollar deals, are missing an opportunity to utilize more effective project management methods and technology.

Similar to Excel, Kison discussed the positive impact of replacing highly-structured M&A playbooks with more flexible and adaptable game plans, pointing to companies such as Google and Atlassian which have already seen great success in doing so.

“No two deals are alike,” Kison said during a recent interview, “and there’s always a fluctuation of priorities throughout the M&A process which only intensifies as integration begins. Creating plans that are iterative and compatible to change are therefore much more advantageous than following standardized playbooks.”

However, according to Kison, implementing modern processes into an industry often resolute in convention and tradition is not simple. While speaking with Agile practitioners at Scrum(mit), Kison was able to validate his approach in implementing the method and that Agile, more generally, is a strong fit for optimizing business operations.

You can view his presentation along with the conference's other speakers on Scrum(mit)'s website.

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