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M&A in the Tech World


M&A in the Technology World from a Corporate Development Executive's Perspective

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

“If an effective integration plan is not built before you actually get into the depths on diligence, the likelihood that you will have challenges in integration is really high.”

On this episode

Paul Weiskopf, a professional who has worked over 25 years with companies in the technology industry such as Hewlett Packard and Adobe Systems, shares his knowledge about common strategy errors that lead to deal failure and the best ways to build integration plans for acquisition teams.

In this podcast, Weiskopf focuses on the importance of identifying deal purpose, planning for post-merger integration early, and how to determine if a deal is successful.


Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

00:45 - Paul’s Background

3:45 - Doing M&A for the right reasons

5:27 - Causes of typical M&A Challenges 

8:50 - Why Deals Succeed or Fail, Integration

11:07 - How Serial Acquires Evolve Their Process and Integration Planning Overtime

16:35 - How Teams Can Plan Better for Integration

19:20 - Events that Cause Plan Deviation

23:15 - Planning Integration Alongside Due Diligence

26:25 - Using Metrics to Determine Success Post-Close

28:30 - Different Approaches to Planning Integration Alongside Diligence

32:45 - Picking a Corporate Development Team

35:30 - Surprises During Diligence and Integration

42:20 - Planning and Evaluating for Cultural Integration

47:45 - Testing for Cultural Match

49:10 Craziest Thing Paul has seen in M&A

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Corporate development software is one of the best ways to help companies manage deal pipelines efficiently and effectively. In M&A deals, there is frequently lots of research and due diligence involved, and large amounts of information to accumulate very quickly.

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