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M&A from a Corporate Development Executive's Perspective

In this episode, Kison asks Paul Weiskopf, a professional who has worked over 25 years with companies in the technology industry such as Hewlett Packard, Adobe Systems, and smaller companies, about his professional experience on M&A. 

Weiskopf shares his knowledge about strategy common errors that lead companies to fail and about the best ways to build integration plans for acquisition teams.

Interview Summary

His responsibilities as a corporate development executive include the monitoring of the success of the different M&A transactions. 

Weiskopf warns about the dangers of not beginning with the clarity of why you are pursuing a deal. 

You need to be realistic about synergy potential, so as not to get a deal fever. 

The best M&A deals are generally those that are proactively sought and cultivated and not those that respond and act on because the company has been put into play by somebody else.

M&A Post Integration

Integration as an afterthought is a major drawback.

“If an effective integration plan is not built before you actually get into the depths on diligence, the likelihood that you will have challenges in integration is really high.”

When asked about what should be taken into consideration when hiring the correct candidate to lead the integration team, Weiskopf states that the candidate’s background is not a predictor of who’s going to be most successful in M&A. 

“Too many companies think about integration when the deal is about to get signed, and then they look around to figure out. Who can we pass part/time to focus on it? And in more cases than not, if that’s the mindset, your deal is going to fail.”

CEOs should look for the correct mindset, it should be oriented around helping the company be successful, clear and disciplined in articulating what its goals are. 

This individual should have the ability to think both critically and independently, and bring an attitude or mindset of “I’m willing to roll up my sleeves and help tackle and tribute to whatever task is necessary for this endeavor to be successful.”

For more insights and details, listen to the full interview.

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