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How to Drive Transformational Change Through M&A

Driving Business Transformation Through M&A

An M&A Science Podcast

Hosted by Kison Patel

“Organizations are now doing M&A because they have to in order to maintain a competitive edge, and it’s not about cost savings, it's about revenue and it’s about changing their business models and they're using M&A to transform what they do.”

On this Episode 

Kison speaks with Toby Tester, an M&A Consultant and Project Manager with over 20 years of experience driving strategic, financial and operational value through M&A. Currently a Senior Consultant with BDT, an M&A consultancy headquartered in London, Toby discusses how organizations are increasingly turning to M&A in order to transform their business and remain competitive in the modern, digital marketplace. 

This podcast follows Toby’s article, Driving Transformation Through M&A, in which he discusses the trend of transformational M&A, how it differs from traditional and transactional deals, and how to best manage transformation for long-term value and growth. 

Kison and Toby cover why this trend is occurring, how it’s becoming necessary for organizations to remain competitive, and how to align practitioners around this growing trend. They also discuss the important role risk management plays in this transformational form of M&A. 

“Risks goes hand-in-hand with opportunity, you can’t have one without the other.” 


Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction

1:15 - How M&A is Changing as a Strategy 

2:40 - Types of Acquisitions that Create Transformational Change

4:30 - How to Shift to a Transformational Mindset 

6:10 - Uncovering Long-Term Value Opportunities During Integration

7:00 - Examples of Long-Term Value and Growth Opportunities 

9:20 - How to Best Capture Value Creation Opportunities 

11:40 - Engineering the Delivery of Value

13:40 - Bringing Transformation to the Customer

14:08 - Who Maps Out and Delivers Transformation? 

14:33 - When to Put Transformation in Play 

15:35 - Live and Breathe Risk Management 

17:55 - The Importance of Agile in M&A

20:40 - Aligning People Around an Agile and Innovative Mindset

22:20 - Ending Credit


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