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4 Capabilities You Should be Getting From Your M&A Software (but are not)

The software used in buying and selling a company has a huge impact upon how the deal turns out.


1. Visual Requests List

2. Comment + Assign Notifications

3. Easy Progress Tracking

4. Smart Analytics

Mergers and acquisition practitioners juggle numerous documents, emails, projects, plans, and tasks. A software solution that helps keep the teams organized while planning and running projects, is integral to a successful deal. Below we outline 4 capabilities every M&A practitioner should be getting from their M&A VDR provider, but are most likely not.

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1. Visual Request Lists:

Recording due diligence progress on Excel sheet is time consuming and resource extensive. Using an organized virtual request list instead of a line-by-line Excel has a huge impact and can helps easily manage every part of diligence. Not only does this help with organization, but it also helps with team collaboration and transparency.

Bankers need to work in sync so they can conduct comprehensive diligence with less redundancy. Using a visual request list or a project management software, has proven to reduce errors and can shorten timelines by 40%, creating better results and reduces extra work.

2. Comment + Assign Notifications:

Keep in touch with your team without cluttering up their email inbox.

Your VDR software should have the ability to comment questions or feedback on documents in live time, similar to Google Docs. This saves an extra step of opening an outlook tab, sending an email with questions, and waiting to get a response.

Tagging team members or clients in a document, will enable quick notification and a faster turnaround time. In addition to comments, assigning tasks is another helpful M&A software capability. Instead of emailing back and forth tasks, having deal m&a platform that allows you assign a task can save you time and frustration.

You can say goodbye to answering duplicate requests, finally.

DealRoom analytics

3.  Easy Progress Tracking:

One centralized dashboard with the ability to view tasks that are done, in progress, or needs to be completed, helps the team track progress of the due diligence.

This capability is particularly helpful when the tracker updates in live time.

4. Smart Analytics:

A dashboard that will show which potential buyers are most active in the room and insights into which documents they are most engaged with will determine which buyer is the most engaged and what documents they are interested in.

Analyze data based on activity patterns around requests & documents to predict where buyer concerns are before they bring them up.

dealroom reporting

As the capabilities of IT deployments and infrastructures evolve, so are the features that virtual data room providers offer.

Learn more about DealRoom at dealroom.net.

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Corporate development software is one of the best ways to help companies manage deal pipelines efficiently and effectively. In M&A deals, there is frequently lots of research and due diligence involved, and large amounts of information to accumulate very quickly.

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