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Looking for an alternative to Firmex?

Swapping Firmex with DealRoom will give you unlimited documents, better security, and convenient support.

Firmex vs Dealroom
Intuitive platform
Drag and Drop
In bulk Permissions
Custom branding
Unlimited ongoing support
Unlimited data at no cost
Unlimited pages
Flat rate pricing
Analytics heatmaps
Project management features
Due diligence request lists
Progress tracking
Custom templates & folder structure
Salesforce integration
Slack integration
Better support
Ongoing customer support from our Dealroom experts.
- Free support
- Can contact us via email, chat, phone or text

Better price
Dealroom offers a flat rate with unlimited data and unlimited pages.
- No hidden fees
- Flat rate pricing
- Unlimited data

Better platform
Dealroom is the world’s most intuitive project management and virtual data room platform. Not only is it user-friendly, but the platform has a modern feel.  
- Powerful and simple platform, helping you navigate and process data faster than ever before
- Additional features can be rolled out if needed

Better features
From bulk drag and drop, to easy to manage permissions, Dealroom allows you to simply manage deals with our tailored platform, and customize it to match your needs.
- Organize your files at the touch of a button with intelligent sorting
- Easily grant specific access with our 4-level permissions; view a watermark, download a  watermark, download original, and edit
- Find the information you need, and fast, with smart search features

Unlimited pages
With DealRoom, you are able to add as many documents without any extra costs. Unlike our competitors, we do not make our clients pay per page.
No user limits
Whether you have 30 people on your team or 100, we have no limit to how many people can be in one room. In addition, there is no limit to how many people can be in the room at once. This allows live-editing and collaboration.
Useful Analytics
DealRoom offers analytics such as user activity tracker, detailed audit trail, excel export compatibility, customizable data room activity summary, document activity reports sent by email and graphic data representation. These analytics help lay out exactly what your potential buyers are interested in.
Easy Onboarding
With DealRoom, the onboarding is easy. You simply set up your room and if you have questions along the way, our support team will assist you.
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